The job of a journalist is to create a two-way dialogue, remain objective and to hold those in power accountable. When these principles are betrayed it hurts infinitely worse when it is one of our own, as it was with Corbin Crable.

After hiding an embezzlement scam over the course of four years, and using the funds for his personal spending addiction, Crable, former treasurer of Kansas Collegiate Media, was removed from his position at KCM.

Although no longer working in the journalism community, it is arguable that his actions have only made the lives and jobs of journalists more difficult.

In return for Crable’s apology and him paying back the organization, KCM decided not to press charges. This at best is a slap on the wrist. What KCM is teaching students doesn’t match with what journalism is about at its core.

The Bulletin’s hope is that KCM will seek to have student representation amongst their board. In the end, we are disappointed by Crable’s actions. And we are further disappointed by the actions of KCM.

By choosing not to press charges against Crable, KCM has defied journalism principles. As journalists, we are taught about compassion, finding the truth, reporting on it and working for the governed, not the governors.

Had this crime been committed by a government official, journalism advisers would have pushed their students to cover it. However, while there has been some coverage by campus newspapers, it feels almost like they are holding their breath, and waiting for this to pass.

By not reporting on this, journalists are failing to do their original duty: to give facts about what happened, no matter the event. This even further displaces trust on journalists and makes it look like we have something to hide.

In his apology statement on his personal Facebook, Crable said, “The remorse I feel due to the pain I have caused all of you is unbearable.”

Crable committed a serious offense and that should not be taken lightly. However, KCM is also at fault for letting Crable go without charges.

Journalists only have their credibility and their name. Crable’s actions have mostly hurt the people he unofficially swore to instruct and protect: journalism students.

KCM, it’s time to do some self reflection as an entity. This wasn’t something inconspicuous or a mishap. It was an embezzlement done by an adviser, someone who was suppose to look out for our best interests, someone who you let walk away nearly unscathed. A public apology will never absolve him or you of that.

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