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I started out living in North towers and was just so excited that I didn’t notice anything about how the towers are getting old.

 Last month, the North and South towers were without hot water for several days after it got so hot that it was burning people. Then, we had a day when we were without water completely so they could try and fix the hot water since it hadn’t gotten fixed the first time completely. 

Since we had no hot water and then no water, we were forced to venture on over into Singular and Trusler for things like showering or even going to the bathroom. 

Not that showering over there was a huge deal, it wasn’t the end of the world, but while over there I noticed how clean and nice the showers are. Yes, they have curtains and we have doors, but the shower design is so much nicer. 

Many of us who shave our legs in the South and North towers are forced to put our legs up on the bar or lean down in the small space and try to be a gymnast, but Singular and Trusler have built-in spots that you can put your leg or even your shower tote on, as well as a bigger bench and a sink in the stall. 

North and South tower need some major bathroom updates. No matter how hard the maintenance people could scrub years of dirt, it wouldn’t get rid of the grime build up and they could never fix the shower heads with no pressure, it’s just too caked on. 

The university is spending a lot of money on new dorms but North and South towers need major renovation and updates in the bathrooms and in the laundry rooms, as well as the water systems. 

While I’m glad to have our water back (at least semi-warm), I almost wish I could go shower in Trusler again just because of how much nicer and cleaner it is over there. 

The North and South Twin Towers are overdue for an update and a major deep cleaning to try and get rid of all of the years of grime and dirt build up from college students. 

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Dorms should be clean by students, but once a year, when everyone is gone, the University should hire experienced cleaners such as janitorial cleaners San Diego CA to do a thorough cleaning.

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