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We, as Kansans, could learn a lot from Colorado when it comes to the legal use of marijuana.

The legalization of marijuana, whether used for medical or recreational reasons, is a good asset to help off set state spending. Especially when you live in a state where there are constant budget cuts to help keep the rich, rich and the poor, poor.

As of now, Senator David Haley has reintroduced a marijuana bill that died in the Committee on Public Health and Welfare in the summer of 2016. This bill would have allowed the medical use of marijuana, according to the Kansas Legislature website.

Of course, this would be a huge step for Kansas if the Senate approved this bill.

But what would make this situation of legal marijuana even better is that if Kansas used the tax revenue on marijuana to start funding public school scholarships.

Pueblo County in Colorado announced sometime in February the commissioners have started “the world’s first cannabis-funded scholarship,” according to

“Colorado Politics” also said that the tax on their marijuana would revenue of $425,000 dollars, all of which would be in the upcoming fall to the new program at both Pueblo Community College or Colorado State University in Pueblo. The applicants coming into the program who just graduated from high school will automatically qualify for the scholarship and students can start applying for it.

See, Pueblo, Colorado wants to see the youth of America succeed, and the youth can’t succeed if they are discouraged by the ever-so-rising cost of higher education.

Kansas needs to take note.

Especially because within the current year, Kansas Legislature has cut school budgets twice.

This archaic idea that marijuana is some sort of gateway drug that will lead people to using cocaine or heroin or any other sort of negative idea about the drug is down right bullshit.

People are going to smoke it regardless whether it’s legal or not and whether people need it for a medical condition or not.

So why don’t we, as Kansans, look past these obsolete ideas that marijuana is a “bad thing” and that this plant is harmless compared to any sort of drug given to people from the pharmaceutical companies or so much more harmless than any street-drug people come up with.

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