As much as Emporia is just a small town, it’s also in the middle of everything in this country.

There’s not much to do here in the middle. Wichita is a good two hour drive from here and Kansas City is about the same drive. It makes it kinda hard for anyone here to find stuff to do.

While Emporia has it’s own style, we’re all college students here at ESU. This is the time in our life when we want to go out and explore and find ourselves. But with travel being a very expensive and scary thing now, it’s kind of hard to do that.

Of course, an easy solution to this issue would be to have some sort of public transportation. But that’s a lot of money to pay for something of the sorts.

However, would it surprise any of you that Emporia used to have an Amtrak Station?

Back in the 1990’s that is. Before it was shut down because Amtrak decided Emporia wasn’t a good place to stop… And before it was burned down.

According to the Emporia Gazette, in May of last year the citizens of Emporia wanted to know what was the current update on the Amtrak system.

Rev. Andrew McHenry, who is the head of the Amtrak task force, was suppose to go before the city commission on to the matter.

As of now, the idea is still up in the air. It would bring a lot of wealth to Emporia because citizens here in Emporia wouldn’t be the only ones using it. Emporia use to be one of many stops between Chicago and Los Angeles when the Amtrak was still running.

But how interesting would it be if ESU helped fund and rebuild the station?

There could be advertisements on the side of the trains that advocate Emporia State University. We could paint the train Black and Gold! Have a silhouette of Corky on the front. That would be wonderful to see!

This is not only a cheap way for normal Americans traveling the country but for the international students as well.

They no longer have to rent a taxi or buy a GreyHound bus ticket to take them to Kansas City International Airport to fly somewhere (where they had to pay for the plane tickets) they’ve been wanting to go because they spend only one or two semesters here.

The choice is clear to us at The Bulletin.

If you believe in restoring the Amtrak station here in Emporia, get in contact with President Garrett. Go talk to the City Commission and the Mayor of Emporia. Let them know that this is something that you want.

We could be passing up a wonderful opportunity that’s leaving the station if we don’t express our desire.

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