Since I was a young child, I’ve always had a slight aversion to meat. As I got older, I went through phases of liking and not liking meat, but for the past few years, I have been a full vegetarian.

It has always been my full expectation that most places don’t have vegetarian friendly options. So, when my roommate told me that the cafeteria at Emporia State had a vegetarian option, I was pleasantly surprised.

That is, until I saw what the vegetarian options were. It’s one option, everyday, in a sad little corner across from the condiments. I know everyone complains about the food options, but trust me, at least your options are more than pizza, salad or whatever they put out for the vegetarians.

Now, trust me, I know this seems like a very minor problem, but it’s time to take some actual care for students with different eating needs.

Finding good options for non-meat eaters may seem trivial, but some of the best food, that you could even serve meat eaters, are vegetarian. Don’t believe me? Here are a few examples: mac n’ cheese, veggie lasagna and grilled cheese.

I’ve had to live my life off of basic foods, because that’s all most places offer. This isn’t something that just impacts ESU, it’s the same at most restaurants too. I’m tired of asking for things “without the meat,” and I’m tired of asking if “that comes with pepperoni bits sprinkled on top.”

I should be able to find non-meat options without having to worry whether or not I can actually eat it. Here at ESU, it’s not worry I have, it’s a lack of interest in the food being served because it’s only one option.

I understand there’s a world of people out there with different eating needs and habits, but making a little head way for vegetarians in the food department could help open up a world of delicious, tasty foods.

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