Cameron Burnett

Dear reader,

Thank you for picking up the latest issue of The Bulletin. We are proud of the work we have put out for our campus and the Emporia community during the unexpected workforce management policy which led to the layoffs of 33 faculty and staff members last fall, as well as the suspension of academic programs and courses, including the journalism program that most of our staff is a part of. 

This may, perhaps, be the last letter from the editor. The Bulletin has been given no indication from administration as to the future of the newspaper during the restructuring of the University.

When I was younger, I often enjoyed creating comics and newspapers for my friends, family and neighbors to read. My interest in journalism grew in high school where I acted as the sports editor of The World at Topeka High School in Topeka, KS. The summer before college, I applied to be opinion editor at The Bulletin and my collegiate journalism career began. Since then, I have played various roles at The Bulletin and have gotten the chance to learn the ins and outs of a college newsroom. In October of 2022, I won The Pinnacle award for “best profile” from the College Media Association for a feature story I wrote about a former ESU student living in Ukraine. After living my whole life going without winning even a participation trophy, this award was, and still is, an accomplishment I pride myself in.

Moving into the new year, we strive to continue to be a voice for the students. We are working harder than ever to provide you with the best quality journalism that Emporia has to offer with our dedicated reporters, editors and photographers. 

Now we ask you, reader, to do your part and join the conversation. Feel free to email story tips, letters to the editor and general feedback about how we can improve to

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