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Maria Akbar is an international student at ESU.

I have this realization that knowingly or unknowingly our words can harm others emotionally or mentally. We never know the consequences of our words to others person’s life.

Sometimes we hurt others by labelling their color, gender, race and the way they act in certain situations. It is an issue and we must realize this before it takes other person to a level that they started hating themselves.

We can observe such things happening in daily life and we are used to it and we don’t realize the consequence, we must be ally to those people rather humiliate them. The comments we used to attack others are uncomfortable when we faced such comments.

We must own minorities and I myself as a Muslim minority can feel the pain when someone disowned us. The change will start when we accept that this is a serious issue and later we will be careful before labelling anyone or hurt anyone by our words.

On the recent incident of ASG vice president post created a problem in the ESU campus. It hurts many international students as well, also some of them feel insecure and students are curious to know about the consequences they have to face in this regard.

Emporia State University is the best institute where diversity is acknowledged but sometimes we really feel that we are not giving the importance we deserve. As a human being we don’t know at which stage our words can hurt someone and they start feeling isolated from the rest.

In the campus as a Muslim I feel many questions and comments like why I covered my head, why I covered my whole body, why I don’t eat pork, why I pray like this, why I don’t shake hands with male. In extreme case we have to face questions like Muslims are extremists and why I don’t drink and hang out with friends in the club. These are really common questions asked by our classmate friends and we have to explain all these.

I tried my level best to answer them and create harmony. Diversity is a gift and America is famous for it. Other world nations comes here to enjoy the diversity. We should accept others of who they are and don’t judge others by their dressing pattern and the way of talking.

After the recent incident ESU student bodies lead the issue in a good way and give they addressed especially to international students that they are safe at ESU. In the coming future we must arrange sessions to promote Diversity and create an inclusive environment in the campus.

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well said Maria


Great Maria

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