letter to the editor -- CORRECT

Heskett is an Emporia State alumna.

Dear President Garrett,

Reading two articles, dated November 7 and 8, 2018, published in the ESU Bulletin gave me considerable pause. The words and conduct of the individuals bringing the complaint exhibit an immaturity and intolerance that is anything but fitting for university level students.

The university setting is purposefully an arena for instruction and exploration of ideas including the process of governance. According to Rachael Kohman the meeting [of report] was “intended to allow students to have …civil dialogue…”. The bullying tactics utilized by the complainants absolutely did not promote civil dialogue; in fact, by design these were employed to silence any expression that is not in lock step with their version of “inclusivity”.

There has been no visible response by any University faculty, staff, or administration.

As an alumnus of this institution of learning, I am deeply disheartened that there is no evidence that this coordinated group intimidation not to mention the press to deny this person her right to free speech has been questioned by the University. This leaves one to consider the more distressing reality that in fact there exists unseen guidance by some at the University bolstering such behavior; this does not model the ASG Mission statement “to provide the means whereby the member of the student body may express themselves effectively…”. The goal is to prepare students to develop a better world is not served by tolerating the intolerance and brutish style demonstrated in these reported meetings.

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