Tonight is first readings of line items on the ASG senate floor and my stomach is in knots. 

Line items are the organizations operating with funds payed for by student fees. If you looked at your student fees break down, you would see “activity fees.” That money goes to ASG, and they budget it out to 12 groups. It is a huge responsibility of our student government to manage this money wisely, so it is reviewed annually.

Two years ago, in an attempt to make our college experience more affordable, all but five of these groups faced huge cuts. Personally, I almost lost both my student jobs and the music department where I’ve made my home for five years learned that love for the arts is not only lost on public school administrators, but on the student population as well.

Cuts included an underhanded takebacksies of the (30?)% increase given to the Performing Arts Board to make up for lost time of 15 years without any increase to manage inflation. 

It also included cuts to this newspaper. Wonder why you haven’t seen us around as much lately? Our 10 print editions per semester was forced to be cut in half. Our staff is half the size it used to be too. We can’t cover everything when we don’t have the bodies to be at the events and ask the important questions. 

I get why ASG 98 wanted to make the cuts. They thought they could take control of the impending tuition increase by balancing the increase with a cut from the student fees. 

Well guess what? You get what you pay for y’all. 

Our artists, the theater and music students who bring life and culture to campus, are missing out on professional development that would make their productions better.

Our newspaper is missing quality, important news because we can’t afford to collect it for you.

But hey, the Union Activities Council wasn’t cut, so we still get The Boy Band Project to hang out with us at the back to school Party on the Lawn. Excellent.

My point is this: two years ago, our student government wanted to make our school more affordable. They saved us what? Two trips to Starbucks? Maybe? 

What they didn’t foresee was a (15?)% drop in student enrollment – making those cuts even bigger than they meant.

What they didn’t foresee was the loss of jobs they created here at The Bulletin. Well. Maybe that’s what they wanted. I don’t know, but if you were around then, you know what it looked like.

So, dear ASG 100, pay attention to your constituents. Ask them what they really want. Maybe give them back a little of what was stolen away two years ago. We are already the most affordable college in the state. Soon enough, we aren’t going to be known as “affordable,” we will be known as “cheap.” Like I said, you get what you pay for. 

I’m willing to pay more for a quality education. I might have to drink two less coffees.

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