Monopoly Garrett

Why is the university foundation, who ultimately provide scholarships paying for President Garrett to have a temporary house while one is being built?

If anything, we as a school should be tightening our belt and saving money, not spending it on something Garrett doesn’t need.

According to an article written by The Bulletin last year, the house that Garrett is staying in until the new house is done had an appraisal of $326,700, which she doesn’t pay a dime of. She doesn’t pay the lakefront fee, the mortgage, the utilities… anything. President Garrett doesn’t pay a cent out of her $250,000 salary.

Why is it even necessary for her to have a house like that when it’s only temporary?

It’s down right not fair. Why does the person who needs the least amount of help on this campus get two houses and a company car thrown at her feet?

Granted, we can understand the fact that the old president’s house may have had some problems like rodents and plumbing and insulation issues, but to completely tear it down just to put a new one in its place seems like we’re not only wasting our money, but it seems really unneeded and extremely unfair.

It’s extremely unfair to treat her like a queen.

If anyone needs housing, it shouldn’t be President Garrett.

Then to add on top of it, the cost of building this new house, could be in the upwards of hundreds-of-thousands of dollars because it’ll be “bigger” and “elegant” enough to be used as “an administrative recruiting tool and a place to conduct fundraisers.”

Why does President Garrett need to have fundraisers at her personal home?

There are plenty of places in the Memorial Union that could be used for fundraisers like the Skyline Room, Ballroom and Webb Hall that were built for such things. So why not use them?

It’s not fair that while President Garrett lives in an all-expense paid house while the Kansas Budget is continually being cut, students’ tuition rates are skyrocketing. We, the students, need the help more than President Garrett does. Why should our debt sink us further and further into the ground while Garrett sits on top of her throne?

We shouldn’t have to treat our president like royalty, and the university certainly shouldn’t have to throw houses and cars at every new president who walks in our doors.

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My personal quote: "Fairness is not a factor in the great equation of life." With that, the Foundation can do as it pleases with its' money. The money is not state money; nor, is the giving by alums dictated by student, yes; buildings, yes and so on as the alums wish to designate. Tuition and associated attendance expenses have massively increased as a result of out-of-control student loan programs. When I received my student loan, I could not touch any of the money, had to take a job on campus washing dishes in the cafeteria, and could only delay repayment through military service. I elected to pay it off in two years. Loans, while they sound great, have enslaved vast numbers and led to outrageous increases in college expense. Got a bit off topic....sorry bout dat'!

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