Stacey Olson

The ancient Greeks believed there were nine different types of love. Each one has its own meaning and purpose. In the grand scheme of life, I believe we each should experience all nine to some extent as many times as we can, and from everything I’ve seen and experienced while on campus here, we all could use some more love. 

Ludus, Mania and Eros are the first three loves which embody playfulness, obsession and lust. We each could enjoy these loves. Whether it be flirting with someone while at Bourbon, fangirling over Renee Rapp or having the hots for that one girl in your chem class. These are the more common kinds of love that we can experience in our everyday lives but still are a must nonetheless. 

Next are Philia, Storge and Pragma which are soul bonds, devotion, and duty. This would be when you meet someone and feel as if you have always known them, devoting your time or your sense of duty towards a loved one. These types of love teach you more about yourself and allow you to be more selfless. These are vital for creating a life with people and creating sustainable relationships.

Lastly, we have Meraki, Philautia and Agape which are creative passions, self love and unconditional love. I personally believe these to be the purest forms of love. The kind of love where you take the good and bad of people and experiences. It’s also some of the most fulfilling love. To love one’s self and one’s passions is extremely fulfilling. Unconditional love also can be fulfilling and freeing in its own ways. I know that even on my worst days my dogs will love me and that is a great feeling. 

Love comes in all shapes and sizes and what one person may give another won’t. I hope we all get the opportunity to be filled with as many kinds and as much love as possible. We all deserve to love and to be loved in all of these ways. I hope you are always loved and also give your love feely.

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