I got an email from Netflix saying they want more money and there’s nothing new to watch. I think we’re done here. 

Netflix announced on March 16 that it’s testing a $2.99 surcharge for those who share their accounts with people who live outside their households. This charge will affect customers’ sharing passwords in multiple households, customers with an account in a single household will not be affected. For now, the testing is only affecting customers in Chile, Peru and Costa Rica but plans for U.S. testing have not yet been announced. 

According to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act passed in 2016, it is a federal crime to share passwords, and additionally, within Netflix’s user agreements, the company itself stated it is prohibited to share your password for the streaming service. In March of 2017, almost a year after this law was passed, Netflix tweeted: Well, that aged terribly. 

People who travel for work, live on the road, are on vacation or are away from home in college like most of us at Emporia State, are in a tight corner with Netflix.   

Additionally, Netflix just raised its prices earlier this month. Their new basic plan raised from $8.99 to $9.99 which includes a one screen package and has no high-definition option available. However, arguably the package most worth the money is their $20 option which includes, HD, Ultra HD, four concurrent screens and four devices you can download content onto.  

My current go-to streaming service on a college budget is NBC’s Peacock. Unlike Netflix and most streaming services, Peacock offers a totally free package with ads in addition to a $4.99 a month subscription for the service without ads. The service also offers three concurrent streams and live TV. While the service is notably known best for its home to “The Office” and “The Office Superfan Episodes,” Peacock is also home to “Parks and Recreation,” “Saturday Night Live,” “Yellowstone” and a new scripted “Tiger King” spinoff Joe vs. Carol starring “SNL”’s Kate McKinnon.  

While Peacock doesn’t have the variety of shows and movies that Netflix offers, it still has a decent amount of binge-worthy and rewatchable favorites at no cost. If Netflix wants to keep its approximately 200 million customers, I recommend they take into account exactly what audience they are marketing towards: many of us young adults with little to no income. I love a lot of shows that Netflix has available and would love to be able to keep my account with them. If they offered a smaller rate or discount for college students, I think that would go far with their customer base. 

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