As the fresh semester emerges to reveal students crawling from their warm cocoons of scholarly procrastination, the breeze that blows around campus holds a scent of overly-hopeful goals set, not out of desire, drive and passion, but out of failure from the previous year.

These New Year’s resolutions, if you will, are the reason nothing ever gets done, and people become discouraged with themselves. Young adults are pressured to completely change their individuality, rather than bettering the person that they are.

The phrase “New year, new me!” is a clichéd and opportunistic way for college students to set unrealistic goals, resulting in a loss of self-confidence due to the nature of the beast we are trying to slay. If a student sets a goal, he or she should make sure that the goal is reached; consequently, confidence is boosted, and students could potentially reach even bigger goals.

More effort should be put into growing as a person, instead of striving to change for the sake of change. 

No one is forced to set a resolution at the first of January, but the majority of the general public chooses to set a goal in order to blend in to everyone else’s mediocrity. 

Be an individual. No one is forcing you to make a New Year’s resolution, nor is anyone telling you to change. 

Another reason that so many students and young adults fail at reaching their resolutions is because most are willing to set goals, but they are unwilling to put in the time or effort to achieve the goal.

I believe that the trick is to start small. For example, make yourself carry a planner all semester, or set a small and obtainable goal regarding a grade for a specific class. After you meet those goals, move forward to larger and more substantial goals.

You say, ‘New year, new me’, I say personal gain; tomato, tomahto, same        difference. 

I challenge you, ESU’s student body, to progress instead of regress during the course of the semester. Start small and push through the adversity that may stand before you. 

Do not cower in fear of the ever-present January resolutions. Instead, push forward Hornets. 

Better yourself, do not change yourself!   

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