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So, it happened…again. 

You know, the start of the New Year where everyone is all happy and expectant that the lives they lived a mere second before the clock struck 12 that fateful Jan. 1 morning, would simply disappear and be better. 

Resolutions were made, many were inspired and even seriously motivated to begin a new chapter. 

However, that is long gone. 

We are one month into the year, and as we all know, only a few loyal soldiers last past that New Year motivation and enthused energy to achieve their original New Year goals through the rest of the year.


It is because we rely too often on motivation. 

Motivation is nothing more than a feeling.  

Feelings come and go just as easily as the ebbs and flow of water along a coast. 

Motivation is an emotion of desire to become or achieve something we currently aren’t or don’t have.  And it is often feeble and dwindles throughout the year, possibly just as quickly within the first few days or weeks of the year.

So how can we persist in our personal, academic, and or professional pursuits without getting gobbled up by the procrastinator monster? 

A frenemy of ours who convinces us that ‘tomorrow would be the day I start but for right now enjoy binge watching “Stranger Things,” or aimlessly surfing Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook’.

If you wish to fulfill anything, seek first the art of discipline and place motivation on the back burner. 

Every day won’t be a day you will wake up motivated to, let’s say, conquer the world. But every day you can wake up to discipline.  

Setting aside a time and place each day to get things done is essential, even if that only involves 15 minutes. Sometimes you must crawl in order to learn how to walk.

It is just the third week of classes for the spring semester, so if you currently see yourself falling into the traps of the procrastinator monster, defeat him with a strong tactic of discipline. 

Ultimately, success is a choice and little decisions to put in the work for an even greater outcome are important, because successful people are not born but made. 

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