Trump Newsworthy

It seems like ever since the Fall of 2015, Donald Trump has been a constant source of news.

Even more-so now because he is the President of the United States. The news is always reporting on something Donald Trump said or has done within his first month of being in office. For example, within the first few weeks of his presidency, the press reported on the executive orders he signed and how many times he took a vacation to Mar A Lago and how much that cost taxpayers.

However, there is more to the news than just Donald Trump.

For example, the African forest elephants are back on a rapid decline, according to “The Atlantic.”

“The New York Times” reported on an airstrike in Syria on security offices in the city of Homs that killed more than 30 people.

“Mental Floss” has reported on an Indian School in Phangane, a city outside of Mumbai, that specializes in educating elderly women.

These, plus many more new stories get swept under the rug because Donald Trump is constantly flooding media sources. His stories are constantly being shared on Facebook and Twitter and MSN, CNN and even BBC reporting on him. Trump is somehow more important than any other form of new stories.

It is more important to know about what President Trump is doing during his time in office with legislation and important issues than for news outlets to write articles based on his racist tweets or his tweets complaining about celebrities.

Donald Trump is a hot topic, but he is not the only topic. People tend to focus on the negative when it comes to news stories and right now, Trump is pretty negative. In this day of clickbait, the things that get more clicks come from Donald Trump news stories because negative news instills negative emotion in people, making them more likely to share that news story.

This shouldn’t be the case.

There are a lot more things that are newsworthy and not all of it is positive, such as bees going extinct, but there have been some fantastic things that have happened. For example, pandas have been removed from the endangered species list. These are just as “newsworthy” as CNN reporting on Donald Trump’s vision for the country.

But the news sources won’t change their ways. So it is our job to seek out news ourselves.

We can’t rely on things like Facebook to just give us news about every single thing that happens on our planet. We shouldn’t expect to be hand-fed news and be satisfied.

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