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Let’s say you are at the store and buy a bag of oranges. When you return home, you notice that you have one bad orange.

Are you going to complain and say that ALL those oranges from the bag are bad? Probably not.

It is the same with police officers.

Yes, there are “bad” officers, but the number of “good” officers greatly outnumbers the bad.

I am from a blue family. My brother and sister are detectives back in my hometown and have been working for their departments for 10 and 8 years, respectively.

Growing up with my brother and sister as officers, I have heard plenty of stories about the people they encounter and the craziness that ensues behind the scenes.

I also know plenty of their coworkers personally. They’re like family.

There is a new trend forming that calls for the hating of ALL officers.

There is a page on Facebook called “Cop Block” that has actively threatened police officers.

This page has almost 2 million likes on Facebook and encourages people to believe that officers are not your friends.

All of their posts highlight every little flaw officers make, yet doesn’t show all the good they do.

I admit, I became a little frightened. This hit a personal nerve with me.

I want to remind you all that officers are people, too.

Both my brother and sister have accomplished many things in their careers and worked their way up from the bottom.

My sister went to college and majored in psychology and criminal justice. She then went on to work as a jail guard and then to patrol, and was recently promoted to Corporal Detective.

But they have lives outside of work, too. Like all officers do.

And like all people, their lives outside of work are stressful the majority of the time.

I’ve watched my brother try to balance his crazy work life with his wife and four children.

My sister is one of the most caring and generous people I know.

I honestly cannot tell you how they risk their lives everyday and balance the normal stress of life.

I acknowledge that there are people who have been victims of police brutality or treated badly and

I feel for the families of those who have been done wrong by the bad officers.

At the same time, we need to remember that one bad orange in the bag doesn’t mean the entire bag is bad.

The next time you see an officer, try to put yourself in their boots.

They are responsible for protecting their entire district, which includes you.

They’re just doing their job and at the end of the day, they just want to go home to their families.

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