The holidays are just around the corner, but this year things are looking a little different.

A big Thanksgiving meal with all my family and opening presents on Christmas a few weeks later, sounds exciting. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. My granny is a great cook and I miss eating her meals. I miss decorating for Christmas with my dad. 

However, I'm also concerned.

Coronavirus cases are spiking all across the country. Not only is Kansas bad right now, but my home state, Oklahoma, is just as bad—if not worse. I miss my family dearly, but two of my family members are at high risk. 

I do not want to miss the holidays with my family, but I also do not want to bring home the virus if I am unknowingly asymptomatic. I could be the reason my two family members pass away if that happens. 

Therefore, I cannot help but question—Is it even worth going home for the holidays right now? Sure, I miss my family, I haven't seen them in a few months. However, I know I would miss my family more if members happen to pass away due to something that could have been easily prevented.


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