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I eat in the Hornet’s Nest every day. I eat there at least once a day, but sometimes I eat all three meals there.

Many of us have been known to steal a cookie or two (or sometimes more than that), but what’s wrong with that?

Sodexo recently put up signs telling students that they were not allowed to take food or drink from the Hornet’s Nest with no exceptions and thanking us for our cooperation.

But we pay a lot of money to eat in that dining hall, so what’s wrong with us taking a little extra back to our rooms?

I pay over $1,800 a semester for my meal plan, and I definitely don’t eat that much worth of food per semester.

So, if on a Friday I take some food to keep in my fridge since they are only open for two meals on the weekend, what’s the matter with that?

Does Sodexo really not make enough money that we can’t take cookies or soda from the dining hall?

I’ve seen a number of comment cards from students saying that they pay a lot of money to eat here and that they don’t like this new rule. People are also talking about it. Every time we steal a cookie, we laugh and tell our friends: ‘Better not get caught!”

Some mornings I don’t have time for breakfast, but I go and fill my water bottle and grab a muffin to eat on my way to class. What’s wrong with this?

There have also been times where I have to leave and go do something before I can eat a cookie or two, so my friends will bring me a couple since I would have eaten them anyways.

Imagine how much food goes to waste every single night in that dining hall, including the fruit that many students take.

Every week I see all the bananas going bad, even though students are taking a lot of them out, because they over buy and not many people are going to sit there in the dining hall and eat their banana.

College students are busy, and we don’t always have time to appease the Sodexo gods and eat in the dining hall.

If I pay $1,800 to eat there, then I think I have the right to keep taking my cookies and filling my water bottle with water or soda or whatever I want.

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