As people, we tend to hold on to the things we’re comfort-able with. We stick with the same things because we’re used to them and we know how they function in general.

We comfort ourselves with “usually” and “most of the time,” but sometimes we get too comfortable with things that are actually bad for us or merely just aren’t fitting for us anymore.

Just because we got used to something doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for us. So, while we might tend to reject sudden changes to our routine, we can often benefit from trying to accept some of those changes sooner rather than later.

Often times in life we face changes that we are unable to control, a friend moving away, a job falling through, or something entirely different. But sometimes we get so wrapped up in what could have been, we only prolong the inevitable.

The inevitable is this: whether it’s a terrible grade in a class or anything else, what’s done is done.

Maybe there is extra credit or a way to make up something like an assignment, but when it comes to bigger things, acceptance can be our greatest tool.

Preventable or not, things happen, and we can’t rewind time to do them again. The greatest power we have is acknowledging how things are at this moment and where we can move from this moment forward.

It’s also a lot harder than it looks. We dwell on these things because they matter to us. If it gives you closure to talk about whatever it is with a friend or a counselor on campus, by all means you should.

Even if you dwell on the changes a bit longer than you think you should, remember that if you have the future in mind this can be beneficial too. If we understand how things happened, we might avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

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