This past summer, my family recently found out that my grandpa has cancer. For this reason, I have moved online this semester.

Something that has done everyone’s health wonders is staying home while the whole world is hurting, but this factor maybe weakening our education without us knowing.

After last year, something that I am sure we are all too familiar with is having to learn from a distance. Having to learn from behind screens or behind the walls of our own homes. I feel like this is doing us all more harm than good. 

While staying home is keeping us safe, our educations cannot reach their full potentials. Who’s to say that while you’re working on an assignment, or listening to a lecture over zoom, that you won’t get distracted. 

Being at your own home, while it may be comfortable, can be more distracting than anything else. Surrounded by things in your room that you love the most, things that tear your attention away from the things that at that time, are important. 

While you’re on a zoom, all it takes is a click of a button and you can turn off your camera, then you pull out your phone, fall asleep or just leave the room altogether. While teachers may notice the sudden darkening of your screen, they don’t have the time to tell you to turn it back on, and, if you aren’t in the room, then you don’t respond so they waste time trying to get your attention, rather than teaching class. This takes away learning time from both the kids in the classroom, but as well as other kids in the zoom. 

Schools need to be stricter with online class times. Rules need to be put in place and consequences need to be laid. If teachers were to lay down rules, then students would have a stronger structure, thus potentially having a stronger education. 

We should also take into consideration the fact that because they are home, because they are where they are most comfortable, students are more likely to skip class. Either because they forget, or because they just don’t feel like clicking the link to open the zoom class. 

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