Having anxiety during the pandemic is terrible. I hate getting on social media and reading about how bad things are in New York City or other countries, like Italy and Spain. I hate reading death reports of healthy young adults who contracted COVID-19 and passed.  

I also do not like how some of my peers still are not taking this seriously. Sure, Kansas is not as bad as New York or Florida, but that is no reason to act like nothing is wrong entirely. Yeah, I miss my friends and going out, but I know I am better off staying home and self-isolating.  

In the meantime, I have had a lot of reflection with myself. The first two weeks of quarantine sucked. I never realized how much I relied on social interaction. However, I have been viewing this reflection as a way to improve myself.   

I tend to get frustrated and overthink easily. It has been hard not to overthink when I am alone all the time now. Another challenge is reconnecting to my old self, before the stress of school and work kicked in. I used to have many hobbies: art, music, literature and video games.   

Online classes have lifted a lot of the stress, in my case. I do not have as much assignments anymore and   most of my classes just focus on the readings. This gives me more free time to reconnect with my hobbies.  

I started baking and cooking again. Before, I was always making fast and easy meals. Now, I enjoy   cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. I have even experimented with other foods from other cultures. I have been playing more video games too and actually watching TV for enjoyment. Before, I used to play TV as background noise, but now I can actually sit and enjoy a movie or a show.  

I have not done a lot of my other hobbies, mainly because I do lack the time with an essential job. But I predict the quarantine, stay-at-home order, and self-isolating to last a lot longer due to the people not  taking it seriously. So, I know I will have more time in the future to fulfill my other hobbies and satisfy myself. 

This is just a good start to help ease my mind and anxieties of the outside world. 

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