COVID-19 sucks. This really sucks.  

New information is being added what seems like hourly now. New Centers for Disease Control reports. New information from Emporia State. More emails from professors desperate to accommodate the switch to online classes.  

I am already sick of hearing this all over the news and being mentioned in every conversation. I am sick of the only thing people seem to be talking about is the virus.  

I am so overwhelmed. 

I am least concerned with the switch to online classes. The switch to online is more of a stress-reliever to me. I can do my work in the comfort of my own home and a lot of my assignments were removed since we have eight weeks left in the semester in the midst of this.  

However, I know quite a few students who are concerned, and I understand. How are some professors expected to switch to online, when a lot of them do not use canvas? Or respond to emails at a reasonable time? Or just have difficulties with the volume button? Particularly, my nursing major roommate is concerned. They can no longer meet face to face with any of their professors to ask questions. They fear that this switch is jeopardizing their education.  

I am saddened by some events that my sorority was going to hold this semester that had to be canceled. According to the CDC on March 15, they recommended no mass gatherings with 50 people or more for the next eight weeks, according to the New York Times. We just have eight weeks left in the semester and graduation is at the very end.  

I am not even concerned about the coronavirus. I am more concerned with the mass hysteria produced from the media not adequately showing who the virus affects. The coronavirus appears to just really affect the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions.  

To me, the media portrays the virus to be deadly, not to undermine the virus by any means, but there really is no need for shelves at all the grocery stories to be bare. Stories should not be forced to ration out products for everyone.  

As someone who works two jobs, is involved in Greek Life, has an animal to take care of, and bills to pay—this sucks. I am struggling to buy basic necessities for myself, for my roommates, for my significant other and for my pet.  

At my other job, the owner is giving us new precautions by the hour that keep drastically affecting all of us. During the course of my two-year employment at said job, I have only accumulated two sick leave days. Just two, so I cannot really afford to be sick. But hey, at least the government is suddenly considering paid sick leave for more minimum-wage employees.  

Who knows when this will end? Who knows what precaution is going to be issued next? I have no clue how it is going to end and who is going to be severely affected next. This really sucks. 

If you are not feeling well and are experiencing either coronavirus or flu symptoms, call (instead of visiting) the Student Wellness Center at 620-341-5222 or Newman Regional Health, 1201 W 12th Street, at 620-343-6800. 

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