Since Radius was established in 2014, I’ve heard good things about it, but I never had the chance to go myself. Despite being a brewery, Radius has a wide array of food to choose from. 

I regret not going sooner. 

Walking into Radius I was greeted by a sea of black and blue clad servers waiting to seat me. As luck would have it, I was seated immediately despite how busy the restaurant appeared to be and was led to a table next to some of the drums they used to brew. 

The restaurant features the standard “local” vibe that so many places in Emporia like to showcase but did so in a uniquely professional manner. From the cups to the shirts staff wore, the design suited the atmosphere perfectly. 

After taking some time to look through the menu, which to my surprise featured a number of items which were or could be made vegetarian, I finally decided on the strawberry habanero chicken wings with bread pudding for dessert. 

As customers flooded in, my server did a consistent job of keeping my drinks filled and talking to me about the small setup where they brewed. 

When you spend $15 on a meal, it’s the small things that really sell the experience. From the service to the smell of locally brewed beer, Radius made my dining experience complete. 

I ordered the wings with blue cheese which came in handy about two wings in when the heat was starting to overwhelm me. 

Large, well-cooked and garnished with lettuce, the wings, despite being a starter, were more than enough for me. 

After downing a couple glasses of water I was brought the bread pudding with vanilla ice cream. 

Having never tried bread pudding before, but having it so thoroughly recommended, I was delighted by the cinnamon and walnut flavor. After the experience of eating the wings, it was nice to have something cold to follow-up with. 

Hot wings and cold ice cream, it was perfectly balanced, as all things should be. 

Despite being expensive for the amount of food I ordered, it was more than filling and the chance to see what everyone had been talking about made it worthwhile. If you find yourself near 610 Merchant St., pop in. You won’t regret it. 

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