We at The Bulletin strongly feel that everyone in America deserves to have human rights despite their race, sex, sexuality, class, religion, background etc.

To deny anyone the rights they deserve because of who they are is, quite frankly, bullshit.

Within the first week of Donald Trump being sworn into office, he has signed 14 executive orders, two of which were the Refugee Admissions Program and Deportation/Sanctuary cities, according to

The Refugee Admissions Program bans peoples from Muslim faith based countries as well as not allowing anyone with green cards to come back into the country. However, the scariest one of the two on’s list allows for anyone of any minority who is here illegally but “seems” to be the slightest threat to be deported.

Even worse? The Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security can block federal grants to cities if they are declared “sanctuaries.” This forces those cities to drop their lax look on immigration laws, as said by

For Emporia State, this means serious business. Not just for the college community but the town community as well.

There are many Hispanic community members and Muslim students here, and the fact they could be called out and investigated because of their race and religion is scary.

To know that at any moment the federal government could throw someone on a plane because they’re “shady” and send them back where they came from for simply not being “American” is ridiculous and un-American.

And what has the Administration done about any of this? Absolutely nothing.

In the edition from two weeks ago, there was an article about ESU becoming a sanctuary campus and no comment was given by administration. It’s saddening to hear that if there ever is a call for universities to give all their Muslim student files to the government that our campus is just going to hand them over.

If you, like The Bulletin, believe that people deserve to have rights no matter their race, sex, sexuality, class, religion, background etc., make it known. Tell the administration how you feel about these executive orders and tell them that ESU should be a sanctuary campus.

Take to social media. Call the president’s office. Email everyone.

We should be able to accept people for who they are, not turn them away.

This place is a Sanctuary.

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