A fire broke out on the roof of the Notre-Dame Cathedral on April 15. 

The fire is said to be caused by a mechanical spark. Extinguished around 15 hours after said spark, huge aspects of the 850-year-old church is now ash, according to BBC News.

This cultural loss has sparked much controversy around the world. Social media was covered in remembrance posts. 

The news spread quicker than the fire itself. Within the next two days, nearly $1 billion was raised to rebuild the church, according to Time.

That is amazing! The potential loss of something so dear to people all around the world created a community of donors. 

I am upset, though. 

All it took was a beautiful piece of architecture and culture to catch fire for people to come together, grieve and do anything in their power to save it. 

That’s great, but do people realize the beautiful piece of Earth we call home is quickly becoming uninhabitable? 

According to The Guardian, we have 11 years to stop a “climate change catastrophe.” At the rate we’re going, the Earth will be uninhabitable by the year 2048. 

Why aren’t these rich people donating money to save the livelihood of everyone on this planet?

Patches of garbage float in the ocean, plants and animals go extinct or die due to pollution, wild fires erupt, tsunamis and hurricanes attack our shores, the heavy fog of air pollution causes health problems all around the world, and yet we donate millions of dollars to an old church?

Earth Day was this past Monday. What did people do for that? Post pictures of their exotic vacations right before throwing their trash on the ground? 

Climate change is real and it’s happening really fast. 

It’s great that people are trying to preserve our ancient architecture to memorialize our history, but there’s no point in saving a building if no one will be alive to see it.

Please, please, please do something, anything, to help our planet. This doesn’t mean you need to donate a billion dollars to organizations that fund environmental protection (I mean, if you can, please do), but at least take every chance you get to not use plastic. 

Or try to recycle. 

Instead of throwing your plastics or paper into the trash, put it in a separate bin and take it to a recycling plant near you.

Or listen to Lil Dicky’s new single titled “Earth.” Every time you stream it, all of the proceeds go to DiCaprio Foundation partners. 

You don’t even have to like the song. Turn your volume off, and let it play in the background.

Or, even better, contact large, harmful corporations and protest their use of fossil fuels, plastic and waste-dumping. This is the big one.

These corporations are putting profit over people. 

You can help save the Earth. You can be a superhero. 

Your decisions to help our natural habitats and biomes could potentially save the world. That sounds pretty cool to me. Please, do your part.

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