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It’s officially scholarship season. For many, the approaching deadlines promising hundreds or thousands of dollars leave a knot in the stomach. However, taking the time to fill out all of those forms, write those essays and push through the anxiety is worth it. 

There are so many reasons that getting those applications filled out is good for you. 

Even if you don’t get the award, taking the time to write the essay about who you are and how the award applies to you is a good practice. When I write scholarship essays, it gives me an opportunity to reflect on my values, my goals and how I’ve grown as a person since I started college. 

This is a great opportunity for positive self-talk. People don’t tend to like talking about themselves, but the more you do it, the more you might accidentally start believing in yourself. 

Some don’t fill out scholarships because they aren’t motivated. You might believe that there are so many people applying that it’s not worth your time. But guess what? If you are thinking that, so are all the people around you. The odds aren’t as slim as you let yourself believe. I know many people who have won scholarships they weren’t even qualified for because they were the only applicant. 

Just write the application. You won’t win any money you don’t ask for. 

Even if you are motivated and ready to be reflective, sometimes it is difficult to find what scholarships are available. Problem solved. https:// www.emporia.edu/admissions-costs/admissions-and-costs/scholarships/ has all of the scholarships offered to ESU students. 

Click through the links and find the ones for you. If sifting through the digital piles doesn’t work for you, email or schedule an appointment with your adviser and they can lead you to the right applications for you. 

College is expensive. Don’t let yourself be weighed down by student loans that take decades to pay off because you slept through the deadlines. 

These foundations and donors want to help you. Let them. 

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