Although not the hot button issue it used to be, there are still a lot of strong opinions around when couples should start living together.

Some people, usually older generations, say you shouldn’t live together before marriage for moral or religious reasons. However, the younger generations want to live together as soon as possible; sometimes as soon within a month or two of dating.

Despite whatever debate may or may not be going on, Emporia State does not let couples live in the same dorm room. Looking in the Residence Hall Handbook, it’s clear that couples are not allowed to live in the same dorm, but it doesn’t go into detail or reasons why.

It could be any number of other reasons, but, whatever the long standing justifications, in modern times, couples should be allowed to room together.

Now, hear me out. If couples were allowed to live together, it would give students who are already in a long term relationship an easier place to be together. Also, for the serious relationships, it gives a chance to know each other better; it gives them a chance to figure out if they can live with each other for the rest of their lives. It also encourages them to work through difficult problems together in a setting where they can’t just run away.

Everyone attending ESU is an adult, and a huge part of growing up is being allowed to make mistakes. While I do believe safeguards would have to be put in place, such as only being allowed to try cohabitation once. That way students aren’t being continually bounced from room to room.

I don’t believe it’s completely fair to rule out living together as a whole. I adamantly believe that couples should live together a long time before marriage. I think it helps them to know what married life will be like. They can find out for sure if they can maintain healthy interactions in stressful situations together.

I do think we, as students, should be more vocal to our school about the changes we want like this one.

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If parents are footing any part of the bill for college then their permission should be required. Also, students and parents would have to agree to hold the university blameless for damage to either co-habiting party. The parties should agree beforehand who stays in the room if breakup and who covers any expenses associated with same. If truly adults, then pay own way.

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