“Go green” and “be environmentally conscious” are just a couple things we often hear. While it’s pretty clear how important it is, following these types of commands can be a little more complicated than they seem.

We all have a part to play in keeping our world healthy, but it seems like most people don’t even know where to begin. Recycling is important, but what goes with what, and where can you take your recyclables once you’ve collected them? It can be overwhelming.

This is a great opportunity to put those new recycling bins around Emporia State’s campus to use. There are also recycling bins with more specific sections in the Memorial Union. If you aren’t living on campus, you can always get a bin to place recyclables separate from your trash.

Recycling is just one way of being environmentally friendly. If it sounds too complicated, start with saving energy. Just turning off the lights them or unplugging electronic devices when they aren’t needed can go a long way.

You can make an eco-friendly move when you do your shopping as well, either by investing in a reusable shopping bag, or taking all those plastic grocery sacks and using them for your wastebasket.

You can even make moves to be more conscious with your coursework too.

As students, we tend to go through a lot of paper, but if you don’t already, consider using both sides of the pages in your notebook. Try to avoid buying a new notebook until you’ve completely filled the ones you already own too.

When it comes to printing, it can be a bit more difficult. A lot of professors don’t want essays to be double-sided, or insist on only receiving hard copies. The best way to avoid wasting paper is to make sure to proof read it before printing.

In the end, it’s important to get creative with it.

Being environmentally friendly is a big lifestyle choice and can be applied in almost everything you do. So, keep an open mind and pay attention to how you can cut back on resources.

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