When I found out that you didn’t need a license to conceal and carry,  I thought to myself, “Wow, this isn’t good. Someone is going to get hurt.”

When conceal and carry became legal on college campuses across Kansas last July, I got a little angry and that has not been a secret. I wasn’t sure what we, as a state, were getting into. 

And then when we became tobacco free, I just had to laugh at the absurdity of the signs that were placed right next to each other, on every building that reminded campus that we were smoke free, but allowed concealed carry. 

It just seemed so surreal. 

But I thought to myself: this is it. 

Legislators can’t possibly screw us over harder than they have now. We’ve reached the end zone.

But guess what? 

I was dead ass wrong. 

Our legislators are still ready to introduce as many guns into our school system and our state as possible. 

The Kansas House of Representatives just advanced a bill last Thursday that would lower the age restriction on those allowed to conceal carry from 21 to 18, according to “The Topeka Capital-Journal.”  

They can’t drink alcohol, but they can go buy a gun, conceal it and carry it around. 

Makes sense. 

And sure, once you’re 18 you can defend your country, so you should be allowed to conceal and carry, right?

According to The Topeka Capital-Journal, the military argument is “skewed because non-security U.S. Army personnel stationed at Fort Riley and similar installations were routinely prohibited from carrying weapons on base.”

As Representative John Carmichael said during the House session, “serving military personnel between 18 and 21 and even older typically do not carry weapons on base.” 

While the bill also contained an amendment “limiting conceal carry on public university and community college campuses to individuals who undergo training and background checks to earn a state license,” is it enough?

To me this seems more like a dirty trick.

If we pass the law, we have a bunch of 18 year-olds running around with concealed guns.

If we don’t pass the law and we let the law stand as is, you don’t have to have any form of registration to conceal and carry. You just have to be 21. 

We can’t and we shouldn’t be held hostage by our own government.

We should no longer have to choose between the lesser of two evils.

The people of Kansas deserve better than this. 

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Do not have a problem with concealed or open carry by 18 year olds. I do have a problem with having to be 21 to have a beer.


1) The drinking age for beer and hard liquor should be 18 as anything else is age discrimination. 2) Eighteen year olds can vote and serve; therefore, alcohol and guns should not be denied them. 3) A simple ID for all, to include gun purchases, is all that should be required and no registration. 4) An armed citizenry is what the Founders believed in and protected. 5) If arms are registered, they can later be confiscated by an oppressor. 6) A concealed carry permit should be required.

Restricting law abiding citizens right to arm leads to more crime.

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