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Without education, society would not have been able to progress on the same trajectory as it has. We would most likely not live in a technological age with advanced medicine and the conveniences we enjoy today. So why is education such an expensive business?  

In recent weeks we’ve seen many examples of how universities including Emporia State have potentially failed students for the sake of making an extra buck.  

We’ve seen low faculty morale, budget and faculty cuts, former students getting sued for unpaid student loans and ESU spending an absurd $60,000 on this presidential search. We understand that universities need money to survive but it should never be at the expense of its students.  

Higher education costs have skyrocketed over the years and it is one of the largest forms of debt in the United States, according to the Unites States Debt Clock.  

Frankly making college tuition so expensive is just another barrier for low-income individuals and continues to give the upper hand to those who come from money. Sure students can apply and receive scholarships but even that isn’t always guaranteed, since not everyone’s families help them pay for college yet the federal government still accounts for your family’s finances even if they are not offering aid.  

ESU has the opportunity to be a leading university in aiding students to be the next generation of leaders. However, low tuition rates aren’t enough. We can no longer afford to treat universities as businesses and students as bargaining chips. Universities shouldn’t be so obsessed with getting their admissions and enrollment rates up just so the government will fund them more.  

Something must change in legislation, in the universities and in the mindsets of administrators across the country. Education should be a right not a luxury and we cannot give that up. 

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