Ken Hush

President Hush, we’re excited to have you take over as interim president. It will be great to have an alumnus join our campus until the position is filled permanently.

However, you are taking on a lot during this transitional period, tackling the pandemic and the budget crisis Emporia State’s been experiencing.

So, from us to you, here is some advice from the students whose job it is to know what’s happening at our university.

You are joining us during a pandemic that has lasted almost two years now. While we all want to go back to normal as soon as possible, it’s important that you lead us in a safe direction.

This includes keeping the mask mandate until the coast is clear and maybe even move to pass a vaccine mandate to keep our campus and community safe going forward.

In addition to keeping students safe and in classes, athletics are at the mercy of the COVID-19 procautions you take now. As a former tennis player here at ESU, you can imagine how devastating it would be to have your season cancelled because of precautions that were not taken that could have been.

As an alumnus, you should understand how important our college experience is, and keeping us healthy and safe is a crucial aspect to helping us have the best experience possible.

The pandemic aside, ESU has also been struggling in other areas with budget cuts and terminations.

We may have some small programs, but don’t let them fall through the cracks. They are just as important to what ESU is trying to accomplish as our big programs. If we want to provide a quality and diverse education to students now and in the future, we need to hold on to our small programs as long as we can.

Don’t forget us students, and don’t forget the faculty and staff.

Having been a student at ESU yourself, you should understand how important our voices are.

After all, the students, faculty and staff are what keep the university alive and thriving. So please take the time to listen to our thoughts and ideas as you take on this new position.

Every student, faculty and staff member at ESU count and play a role in making ESU what it is. Take the time to value the unique and diverse people that make up our community. Help us to make ESU more inclusive and accepting by supporting diversity, equity and inclusion.

You are not only making decisions for the students of today, but setting a precedent for the students of tomorrow.

The decisions you make during your time as president will have an impact on decisions made by presidents and administration in the future and will shape ESU for years to come.

Try to enjoy your time as interim president, but know that you really can make a difference for our university.

Even though your time as president will be short, we are excited to see the impact you can make on our experience here at your alma mater. Good luck and stingers up.

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