Thank you for your time, President Garrett. But we’re ready to move forward.

University president for just under six years, Allison Garrett announced her leaving at the beginning of the month. While The Bulletin wishes her the best, we’re also looking forward to a new administrative era at Emporia State.

In Garrett’s time, a lot has happened. Most recently though, Garrett led the university through the pandemic.

C O V I D - 1 9 has been such a hard time on everyone. Though considering the circumstances, ESU, under Garrett’s leadership, has held steady. Thankfully, they’ve been able to provide many counseling services for campus. 

But even in good times comes bad. Most recently, there’s been intense budget cuts that have impacted students mostly in the Humanities and Science departments, where many faculty and

staff positions were cut.

There was also her response to the Jane stories from 2018, when an international undergraduate student was sexually assaulted by a tenured psychology professor. 

And while these Stories are a dark spot on the university, it’s something ESU must never forget.

Back in 2018, an international student came forward to tell her story about a former professor

of psychology who assaulted her in Visser Hall. She first filed a complaint with the university, however, in order for them to investigate her claim, she had to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

After waiting for months, nothing came of the investigation. This is when “Jane” started talking with The Bulletin, and eventually a series of stories came out about the incident, and Title IX policies were changed.

No student should have ever had to go through what Jane did, and hopefully no ESU student will have too again.

As we reflect on Garrett’s tenure, let’s take a moment to learn from the last five years: What lessons should we take moving forward?

The biggest lesson to learn here is that the university needs to work on it’s transparency. The

greater ESU community deserves to know what’s going on and why it’s happening. 

If we can’t tell what’s going on with our university, we can’t do what’s best for the community.

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