Serial killers aren’t something that a lot of people talk about in everyday life. However, many people, like me, find them super fascinating. 

In the series “Conversations with a Killer: Ted Bundy Tapes,” we get to hear recordings of Ted Bundy talking. There isn’t a ton of him talking about his crimes because he didn’t confess until three days before he was executed, but it’s still captivating.

The tapes are from a journalist who spent many years visiting Bundy to try and get a confession out of him. Now this seems like it would be terrifying and make you question the worth of the story. To them, at least, it was worth it. 

This is an opportunity that would only come about once in a lifetime to get to talk to a notorious serial killer about their crimes. Most of the tapes were Bundy telling his life story and trying to seem like a good guy, but eventually they tricked him into telling what is thought to be the way he killed some of these women. 

An idea that changed everything was to ask Bundy how he thought these women were killed and then he proceeded to describe it in a lot more detail than a person who committed the crime would know. 

Bundy is often referred to as charming and handsome, and he was. His only surviving victim, that saw him, confirmed that this is indeed true. No one believed he was capable of something like this because he was such a good guy. 

While series like these are dark, they are very educational and show that anyone can do bad things given the right circumstances. 

I know I’m not alone in my fascination of serial killers. For me, it’s like this because I can’t stand the thought of a character dying, let alone taking the life of another human, so it interests me to see what could make someone do this. 

This series was education aland a whole new side of what happened with Ted Bundy. I think this series is incredibly important and I hope they make more seasons but about other killers. 

You really do learn a lot. For instance, Ted Bundy once snuck into a Chi Omega house in Florida and killed two young women. A bite mark left on one victim would later help in the conviction of Bundy. 

This is also believed by some to be the reason that in many sororities they sleep with more women in the same room so if someone tried to sneak in and kill them, it would be more likely that someone would wake up. 

This series is easy to get into, but one downside is that if you don’t give it your full focus, you may lose interest.

I would recommend this show to someone who has a strong stomach and a long attention span who likes to learn about how other people can be so sadistic. 

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