I have a job. Actually, I have an interview for another job too.  I am a college student, first and foremost. However, I need a job to help pay off the things I need for school. The computer I take notes on, the pencils I take tests with, the expensive meal plan I need to eat.

I have to pay for all of that. I am already taking out loans but I do have other expenses as well. I need shampoo and laundry soap so I can practice good hygiene. I need gas for my car so I can travel to and from places further away. 

There are hundreds of college students on campus who have jobs. Yet, I have heard some college professors say that not being able to get off work is not a good enough excuse for missing class. 

That is complete and total bullshit. We are paying to be here. 

I understand the importance of attending class. I am putting myself in debt to be here! I show up, I take notes, I get good grades. 

Sometimes, work does have emergencies. For example, I have a job interview at 9:15am to possibly become a para at an elementary school. I also have critical health class at 9am. Yet, I am missing class for this interview so I don’t miss an incredible opportunity. 

Of course, any job needs to understand that I am a student first and foremost. But I need to be cut some slack when I occasionally have to miss class for work. This will be the first time I’ve ever missed class for work, actually. 

Please, please, please cut us working students some slack. I promise, we know how important school is. But how can you expect us to pay for everything and never work? We need to work. Or at least I do. Just cut us some slack when we have emergent occasions. 

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