As most people have seen, either through Social Media or just through watching the Super Bowl, the halftime show sponsored by Pepsi was quite interesting.

            Jennifer Lopez, 50, and Shakira, 43, are two Latina women that took the world by storm during the halftime show. Their routine—powerful as it may have been—has taken loads of criticism from people all over Social Media.

            Some Facebook posts have gone as far as calling the show “provocative” and said that these women were “asking for sex.”

Most of these haters? Other women.

            Yes, it is supposed to be a family-friendly event. However, a half-naked man performed at the 2019 halftime show, Adam Levine. No one threw a fit about that because it was a man. Not to mention the cheerleaders for these football teams also often wear revealing outfits. But you know what, it’s empowering.

These women belly danced, and JLo even danced on a pole. Do you know how difficult that is? Both were incredible feats of athleticism and strength.

            You didn’t ask for it, but here it is: Shut the hell up. We should be lifting other women up for doing incredible things, not tearing them down just because you disagree with how they dance or dress.

            That performance was powerful and incredible. The stage lit up at one point with the female symbol, and even JLo’s daughter sang briefly alongside the two women.

These women are incredible.

They have had incredible careers. Not to mention how well they look! Yes, they were sexy, and good for them. You best believe that if I look as good as they do when I reach 50, I would gladly flaunt my looks and talents.      

            To JLo and Shakira: You empowered women with that performance. Thank you for risking the hate of the internet to do what you love and demonstrating the power women truly have.

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