As the horrors of poor infrastructure unravel in Texas, we think people should take a step back and examine what is actually happening. To start off, let’s look at climate change.

Climate change is not just hot summers and cold winters, climate change is spring weather one week and blizzards the next. As the planet overall warms up, this disrupts the jet streams. Climatologists explain the jet stream beginning to dip and wobble. We imagine this like a spinning top toy. 

The toy remains steady and level at first for a few seconds, then eventually starts to wobble all over the place, before finally falling over. 

Texas was not prepared for the fall.

The last time Texas has seen a polar vortex like this was around Dec. 20, 1929. 

The temperature dropped 40 degrees within 24 hours, setting record cold temperatures and snowfall; until Feb. 2021.

It can be easy to look at what’s happening in Texas as a result of no common sense, but at a time when the homeless are freezing, millions are without food, water and power - Texans will need help and empathy.

A friend of mine who lives in Houston said she went two days without a full meal. She could not find food at a grocery store, her apartment flooded as water lines broke and the food in her fridge spoiled. 

With no food anywhere and lines at the groceries backed up for days afterwards, my friend resorted to driving in her car while she still had gas to stay warm.

Homes are not insulated to withstand the cold like they are here in Kansas. Water lines are not meant to sustain temperatures so low in Texas.

Texas’s poor infrastructure has witnessed the lesson of climate change firsthand. If Texans are going to survive the next storm they will have to prepare, like we all must.

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