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The cost of losing the ESU experience

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Last Thursday, the Associated Student Government voted to drastically cut the funding for the Performing Arts Board and The Bulletin. 

If these cuts are signed and approved, many campus legacies will be forced to lessen their presence. ESU Theater, which is funded through the Performing Arts Board, puts on the longest continuously running summer theater program on the Great Plains. The Bulletin, a publication run by students, has been the voice of the students at ESU since 1901. The high quality products that the PAB and The Bulletin produce, like many of the other line items being cut, will suffer and potentially face a decline in quality and quantity. 

These cuts, which are damaging to many parts of campus, will save each student $11.07 if approved. 

Yet, regardless of if these cuts are approved, The Bulletin and the arts will survive on this campus.

At The Bulletin, we are dedicated to representing the student body. We understand that Associated Student Government is dedicated to the same purpose and we know that representing students isn’t an easy job. Being an ASG senator is not a duty that should be taken lightly. We know it’s a big responsibility and we commend the senators for the dedication that they have shown.  

We also understand the pressure of wanting to save students money. The rising cost of tuition is a huge concern for everyone who is attending college.

But saving students $11? 

Eleven bucks will help buy a lunch.

By reducing the student fees by a mere $11.07, ASG is only diminishing the experiences students have at ESU. They’re taking away the very reasons why students should come to ESU.

The humanities and arts are an escape for many students. A way for students to relieve stress and find a home. 

We need to be worried about making the world a better place, not saving a few dollars.  

Journalism and the arts all help to improve the world, make it a better place, give a voice to the voiceless, and serve as an escape from all the horrible things happening every day.

The Bulletin has been a staple of this campus since 1901. We have tirelessly served the students, faculty and staff of ESU and surrounding community for over a hundred years. 

“The Sunflower” exists to create the historic record of this university. There isn’t a week that goes by without the archives receiving at least 10 requests for archived yearbooks, according to a student worker in the archives. 

The knowledge and expertise that people gain working on theater productions, marching in the band, singing in the choir, debating and in numerous other programs that the Performing Arts Board funds is priceless to these students.

Is saving $11 worth sacrificing all these programs?

At The Bulletin, we’re fighting these cuts because this is a worldwide problem.

It’s not just about the money.

It’s about making sure the world is a better place for everyone. 

The Bulletin remains dedicated to this cause, no matter the cuts that we receive. We’re the voice of the students and will continue to be, for as long as the paper exists. 

We’ll keep fighting and so should you. 

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