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"The Kissing Booth" recieved 4 out of 5 clappers

“The Kissing Booth” arrived on Netflix with a splash and hasn’t left the spotlight, especially with the announcement that a sequel is arriving soon.

For a long time this was one of the most talked about movies, and for me at least, I never stopped watching it. Since I’ve seen it about 100 times at this point, I’ve had time to dissect it.

The plot is centered around best friends Lee and Elle and their rules they made as young kids as they go through the typical high school experience.

Elle, who has never been kissed or had a boyfriend, claims she’s over her crush on Lee’s hot and experienced older brother Noah. While hosting a kissing booth, hence the name, for charity at school, Elle ends up kissing Noah.

They start a whole secret relationship because Lee has a rule about siblings being off limits and says he’d never talk to her again if they got together.

Elle and Noah fall in love throughout the movie regardless of Lee’s feelings, and eventually Lee finds out they’ve been together.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love this movie. It’s probably my favorite movie, but I have some issues with the characters.

Lee views Elle as his property and says something along the lines of the only thing Noah didn’t have that Lee did was Elle. This is awful. Lee is so toxic as a best friend. I hold out hope that he will improve.

Elle is naïve and lies to her best friend. I get it, you love Noah, but how does she get to break a friendship rule that she knows will make Lee upset, and then still be upset that he’s mad at her about it.

Noah has major anger issues that he manages to get in some control by the end of the movie, but he is impulsive and uses girls.

One of the most angering parts is when Lee tackles Noah and he pins Lee to the ground in an attempt to get him to stop fighting. Elle is mad at Noah for this. She blindly loves Lee.

I will give credit that Beth Reekles was 15 years old when she wrote this as fanfiction on Wattpad.

So watch this corny, cheesy romcom, but keep in mind that this is a fantasy. Things like this rarely happen in real life. Being overprotective isn’t always a good thing, and no one controls who you can be with. Listen to the people around you about those relationships, but don’t let them guilt trip you.

I recommend this to anyone who loves romance, needs a good cry or is just a lonely, bored college student avoiding homework.

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