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   What if you had a government, but no one showed up?

   That’s the reality of the situation at Emporia State.

   No one seems to care, not even the senators.

   On Tuesday night, Associated Student Government held a senatorial debate where only nine people showed up, and most of them were from ASG.

   Currently there are so few people running for ASG that every person running is pretty much guaranteed a position except for one.

   Only one person will not get a position, and that’s because there are six people running to be an Liberal Arts and Sciences senator and there are only five positions.

   ASG President and Vice President? There is only one pair running.

   Additionally, there wasn’t a single candidate running for graduate senator.

   And while yes, the events aren’t publicized nearly enough (if we have trouble figuring out when they are, and we’re the newspaper, that’s a problem), we can’t completely fault ASG for the lack of interest and participation.

   When it comes to elections and participation in ASG, the students have been largely uncaring and apathetic.

   Where are the people on campus who were upset last semester?

   There was a public outcry when Michaela Todd, ASG Vice President, made a distinction between “illegal aliens” and Kansans in a Facebook post and later appeared on “Fox & Friends,” where she buckled down on her views.

   Or where are the people who were upset with the budget cuts that took place last spring?

   Here is a real chance to make change. And nobody cares.

   Diversity and Inclusion is the only ASG committee that has been taking students concerns seriously, and they’ve been marginalized by the rest

of ASG.

   ASG has enraged students all semester, on both sides of the issue. Where is that passion now?

   In the 18th century, Joseph de Maistre said “Democracies get the leaders they deserve.”

   If students continue to not care, those are the leaders we’re

going to get. Ones who don’t care.

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