Are you one that relies solely on social media throughout the day?

Recently, the world got sent into a frenzy when two major apps, Facebook and Instagram, crashed on Monday Oct. 4th.

Alongside these two major apps, WhatsApp also crashed, which totaled it to three main apps crashing for the full 24 hours.

Created in 2004, Facebook is used not only for social media presence, but for shopping, displaying, and is a source of communication.

In my opinion, the world relies too much on social media. We rely on it so much to the point that it hurts.

Nowadays, it is obvious that the whole world surrounds itself with technology, specifically social media. I feel that this is doing more harm than good to the minds of teens, as well as adolescents, seeing as they would drop everything for social media.

As college students in today’s world, our generation was the first to experience firsthand what it’s like to depend on social media.

We grew up surrounded by different social media platforms, as well as access to immediate information.

Being so wrapped up in social media and screen time takes away the focus that we should be using for ourselves. It is because of this that a lot more people have noticed a drop in their mental health.

I think that this situation is very eye opening about how much we depend on social media throughout the course of our day.

As we reflect on this event, it should be a sign to take time and focus on ourselves.

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