I recently had to quarantine due to being in close contact with someone who ended up testing positive for COVID-19 the other weekend. While the decision was made quickly, I was not ready to realize which of my friends is truly my friend. 

One of my friends who also had to quarantine had nowhere else to go because their roommate, parents and grandparents are all immunocompromised. So, I offered them a place to stay with me.

Without them, I do not think I would have been able to survive the past five days, four days? Six days? Anyways, I could not have survived quarantine this long without them. However, we were not ready for the slap in the face from reality.

My friend and I are both the type of people to drop everything and help a friend out with whatever they need. If they needed groceries, food, money, a ride or someone to vent to - we were there - with no exceptions unless we were at work or class.

The moment we had to quarantine together we realized some friends are not actually as true as we thought. Saying you will be there for someone is easier than putting in the effort to be there. People I thought I could rely on just proved to me the opposite, regardless of how close I thought we were.

Quarantine sucks, but nothing sucks more than losing trust in the people you thought you could trust most.  


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