Before I started working at The Bulletin, I didn’t think very highly of journalists.

Now that I’m leaving, I realize the good that they do and the importance for the role that they play.

Working at The Bulletin, I got to see how stories get put together. I learned a lot from working there.

I learned how thorough The Bulletin is when getting sources for stories and making sure they present the facts.

I learned how much they truly care about the students of Emporia State, even though many don’t like The Bulletin.

I used to believe many of the things people said about journalists, even things my father would say. For example, how they lie and publish stuff that only goes with their agenda or party affiliation.

While I’m sure there are still some bad journalists, just like there are bad people in every field, I don’t believe they are overwhelmingly bad. I think there are more good journalists than most people think.

I now believe that there are many journalists fighting for the people, The Bulletin included. This paper has done a lot for the students of ESU.

They go to all the meetings most people don’t want to go to.

They go to every event they can.

They work late nights to make sure they can best serve the reader.

The Bulletin stands up for those who have no one else. For example, all the “Jane” stories they did last year.

 The Bulletin stood with a student and followed her story, even when the school wasn’t listening.

Journalists like the ones at The Bulletin are not there just to do a job. They take pride in what they do and want to help inform the students about what our school is doing.

The Bulletin has suffered a lot late this year, especially with the budget cuts.

Students and the community should take a stand and go to some of the meetings our school has and support The Bulletin. Journalists now are often accused of “fake news.”

It’s time to spread the truth.

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