Vaping is cool, right?

Sure, but only if it’s used how it was made to be used.

People across the United States use vaping to wean themselves off of smoking cigarettes. This is a good thing. This is a good way to use a vape.

Yes, there are many hazards and health risks that come along with vaping. I know. I’ve heard.

But weighing the pros and cons between smoking cigarettes and vaping is relatively unnecessary. I’ll let you take a guess at which one is worse (hint: it’s not vaping).

Vaping does increase its negative effects on the human body when you add nicotine. Adding nicotine to anything is a bad idea. It is a stimulate, so it increases your heart rate and blood pressure. It can also cause nausea, heartburn, reduction in sexual arousal, and kidney issues.

Why can’t people just use the fun flavors and move on? 

Why add a dangerous substance to a helpful, fun alternative to a different dangerous                substance?

It’s not hard to find vape juice that has little to no nicotine. That was the purpose of the vape in the first place. In fact, it is much cheaper to buy vape juice without nicotine. It also tastes better. Nicotine almost always changes the taste of vape juice for worse. 

So, if you’re just trying to look cool, just get juice with zero mg of nicotine. You’ll still “boost your social image,” but without the harmful side effects to your body and your budget.

Again, if you are slowly decreasing your use of nicotine by switching from cigarettes to a vape, then go ahead and start with some nicotine. 

If you are trying to stop smoking, remember just switching to a vape only does so much. You still have to lower your nicotine-intake levels.

Of course, vaping itself is bad for you. Breathing in anything that is not oxygen into your lungs is bad for you. But I understand it’s cool and it’s fun, so just try to ease up on the nicotine. 

Also, please don’t do it on campus. It can seriously harm some students with lung and breathing problems.

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