It’s not uncommon for people, and perhaps students even more, to find themselves getting up at the last minute. For students, this only creates chaos in trying to find an outfit, get their backpack together and shove all their homework (and the right book) in their backpack so they can get to class. Nearly everyone has been there at some point. It's easy to forget the consequence of the second, or third snooze on your alarm in the morning.

But here’s the secret: There's a way to catch those last few minutes and still be as prepared as if you woke up right away. And its very simple. All it is? Preparation. Picking out an outfit when you are likely putting off sleep the night before anyways, is a fairly easy task.

Plus, it keeps you looking your best when you aren’t making the decision in the morning rush. Another fault of the morning rush is how easy it is to forget textbooks. Sometimes, it’s your homework assignment or notebook. This is a pretty common mistake, and it's happened to almost all of us at some point.

However, this stress inducing experience can be avoided altogether if you find a moment before bed to grab the books and folders for each class. This goes for printing too. It always seems like the printer only works when you aren’t in a hurry. You end up not having a properly printed copy of assignments, or any copy at all, to turn in.

Emporia State’s Sky Print is convenient, and if you’re on campus, it only takes a few moments to get printing done ahead of time. Then, if there are problems, you have time to solve them.  This way you can turn in your assignment on time, and looking neat.

All these things that only take moments on their own, can add up to a really stressful morning if you aren’t careful. It can be helpful to try and do some of them the night before. Try it out, and see if you can get away with hitting that snooze button

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