The other day, I was walking to class as usual. I wasn’t looking to eavesdrop on anyone, but something caught my attention. A girl was discussing with her friend, her current relationship issues. 

The conversation seemed typical until I heard her say something along the lines of, “It’s okay. People cheat in college.” 

I almost turned back to say something, but then realized I had totally eavesdropped and that would be rude. 

I thought about it for a while, but thought that maybe I was just reading too much into it. Then, a few days later, while on the phone with my boyfriend, he explained that some of his fellow football players mentioned that it was okay to cheat as many times as they liked. 

“What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her.” 

Now, I have always been a little bit of the jealous type. However, I trust my boyfriend to do the right thing at all times. He’s proven himself trust-worthy countless times before and he really isn’t one of the basic college boy types. 

It started a consistent thought in my head. Do people really believe that it is okay to cheat in your relationship? 

The answer is no. 

It is never okay to cheat on someone you are in a relationship with. Anyone who thinks so, shouldn’t be in one. 

I have been in a relationship for a year and a half. Not once have I ever thought, it’s okay if he doesn’t know. 

First and foremost, he deserves my respect. He deserves to be treated the right way. 

Secondly, I love him too much to do something with someone else. If you really care for a person, you won’t have any interest in someone else. 

If you cannot handle being faithful in a relationship, don’t be in one. It’s honestly as simple as that. It’s much more decent to break up with someone because you’re interested in someone else than to cheat on them. 

Do the right thing: Don’t ever believe that it’s okay. It ends marriages, relationships and even friendships. Don’t do it. 

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