It may not seem like a lot, but those few moments on stage can mean the world to some.

That walk to your diploma, to your future. The walk.

After four years, blood, sweat, tears and over ten thousand dollars, I do not know If I will be able to take that walk as I graduate this Spring.

I know if all things go according to plan undergraduate Commencement will happen in mid-May, but my prospects of being fully vaccinated before then are looking slim. My family is not fully vaccinated yet either. 

As President Biden continues to tout the success of his national vaccination program I continue to see kids my age lose parents to this invisible menace. As time goes on people seem to care less about distancing and wearing their masks, not more.

While I am beyond glad for those fortunate enough to get vaccinated, I am worried that I will be wearing my cap and gown in Peter Pan Park that Saturday instead of taking that walk on stage in White auditorium like my mother did after moving us halfway across the country to become a teacher.

After moving halfway across the country to get an opportunity to take that walk at Emporia State.

While I will certainly be bummed if I cannot celebrate alongside my peers in person, being able to celebrate at all is a blessing. 

Mostly, I’m sad that my brother won’t be able to have his walk on that same stage after graduating from high school.

I was able to take the walk when I was his age on that same stage. So I hope that come May it will be safe for us to each have our moment on stage.

To take that walk.

The walk.

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