One weekend in October, my friend Dani (from Colorado Mesa in the U.S.) and I made our 6-year-old dreams of strolling the streets of Paris a reality. 

Initially, Dani and I were going to Paris for the Nuit Blanche (White Night) Festival. It’s a cultural festival with art displays all around the city. 

We didn’t end up finding and checking into our hostel until way later than we thought we would. Then, we had a hard time navigating the city with only the transportation system map. We were able to find two of the art displays, one of which (luckily) was the main event. 

A projector played dancing scenes from old movies on a large Gothic building. Loud electronic music played throughout the square. Bright lights reflected off of the people dressed in all white in the middle of the make-shift dancefloor. 

The party area was fenced in and you had to pay to enter, but it was pretty fun just standing outside and watching the partygoers while older styles of dance were projected behind them. 

It was almost midnight when we made our way to the Louvre museum. Walking the streets of Paris is a dream and walking through the nightlife and night lights was magical. 

The Louvre stayed open until half past midnight for the Nuit Blanche Festival. The museum itself was much too large to explore in only thirty minutes, so Dani and I sat along the water displays and watched the lights from the glass pyramids dance in the reflection. Of course, we took a lot of pictures too. 

The next morning, after finding breakfast in a cute, quaint café nearby, Dani and I found a sprawling farmer’s market. There had to have been at least 20 stands and tents set up selling everything from fresh fish to scarves to souvenirs. 

We spent all morning walking through that market. The smell of freshly baked bread and flowers mixed with the stench of raw fish in the air (not quite pleasant, but not unpleasant either) and the plentiful colors and sweet vendors made it well worth it. 

After spending the day being your typical tourists, visiting Notre Dame, Arc De Triomphe, etc., Dani and I stopped for dinner and grabbed some macarons, croissants and baguettes from the nearest bakery. We then settled down in the damp grass in front of the Eiffel Tower to watch it as the sun set to our left. 

At exactly eight o’clock, the tower sparkled just like in the movies. It sparkled again every hour on the hour as Dani and I sat on the lawn and chatted late into the night. It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend in Paris. 

Best Wishes from Bern, 

Emma Grace 

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