It seems that a yearly debate takes place in October over whether or not teenagers can go trick or treating. There is an awkward stage where people around nine to fifteen are not socially acceptable to go trick or treating, but they are not old enough to party like (of age) college students. Really though, it should be an option for older kids to have on Halloween.

That age group might be feeling awkward on Halloween because they don’t know what to do. If a teenager is choosing to go out in a costume knocking on doors asking for candy instead of doing illegal activities, then just let them have candy. In small towns, not every house gets visitors, so if more kids are out there participating then more of the community is involved and safe. 

The benefits of having teens getting to trick or treat means that there is less vandalism because they are occupied, they have the chance to make more memories with friends, it is fun to get to dress up, and they can still enjoy their youth. Many adults say that kids should enjoy their youth while it lasts because it goes by fast, meanwhile those same adults are denying teens a “fun size” candy bar. 

More benefits would be for the adults. The houses that participate in trick or treating are going to want to hand candy out and see the costumes. Back home my dad would go all out for Halloween. The only requirement was you showed up in costume and said “trick or treat.” It always bummed him out when we would still have almost a full bowl of candy by the end of the night. This also makes me think of how the elderly can’t go out and see the community and how Halloween is the perfect opportunity for them to have healthy interactions. 

A disadvantage might be that little kids might not get candy if more kids are going out, but why should babies get candy when they won’t remember Halloween or even be able to eat the candy. Teenagers can at least eat the candy they are asking for and be able to have conversations with the people. People on the lower end of the middle class might not be able to afford all the candy. Although that is sad, the candy was going to be handed out anyway.

If people decide that they don’t want to accept trick or treaters then there are other solutions. People could put on mazes or haunted houses for the teens to go to. Either way I believe that it does almost no harm to give a 15 year old free candy, but it does hurt their feelings and confidence when they get yelled at or shamed for trying to have fun.


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