We, The Bulletin, support the lawmakers’ decision to undo the conceal carry law.

Lawmakers in Kansas are looking to revoke the ability to allow people to conceal and carry guns into public buildings later this year in July. Public buildings that include hospitals and universities/community colleges.

Travis Couture-Lovelady, a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association (NRA) and former state representative, said to the Capital Journal  that the survey that was given to universities that had an outcome of 70% of students and faculty saying they were opposed to guns on campuses wasn’t “accurate” to the whole state’s opinion. 

Excuse me? 70% of student and faculty is still a lot of people. That’s several thousand people. Besides, the whole damn state isn’t going to be on college campuses all the time like students are. 

What about the mental and emotional well-being of students on campus? Alcohol, stress, depression and anxiety (which we all know happens on campuses) shouldn’t be mixed with guns. If they were to mix, the amount of concern would certainly skyrocket regarding possible threats made to teachers or other students. Suicide could become more common, along with the likelihood of having an accidental school shooting.

Also, the law says that public buildings may prohibit firearms if they provide security measures to prevent guns coming into the building at all. What do security measures entail? Metal detectors and or armed guards at every entrance of every building.

However, many universities have said these options are way too expensive.

The opinion of students and faculty members should matter to the university where they attend or work. If students express a strong desire to not have conceal and carry on their campus, the campus should follow suit. This is also a hindrance of the students’ free speech because they don’t know whether or not their opinion is going to piss off someone who is packing.

So what can we, at ESU, do about it?

Every time you see an administrator, ask them: “What are you doing to keep concealed guns off campus? What are your plans?”

Also, keep protesting. Keep signing petitions to contact them by phone or email to make sure we let the lawmakers and administrators know what we as students want. Because then, maybe more lawmakers will finally start listening.

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