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It seems like everyone nowadays has a Twitter.

Whether it’s for keeping up on the latest news or to follow their favorite celebrities, Twitter is meant to be a sort of “chatty-Cathy” type of social media; it’s quick and to the point.

However, this sort of laissez-faire social media still doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be professional and respectable. You don’t see people like Bill Gates and Thomas L. Friedman, a New York Times columnist, going off the rail and tweeting inappropriate things or acting unprofessionally.

Donald Trump does this exact thing with the official POTUS Twitter account.

He constantly tweets about topics without having any sort of facts to back up what he has to say. He can’t spell for shit. And mostly the stuff he says is plain childish or false.

Let’s not forget that he lies almost half the time he tweets something because he believes in “alternative facts.”

Trump acts as a conflict of interest when he retweets his personal account’s tweets about his daughter being dropped from Nordstrom.

Do we even need to bring up the fact that in the later half of the election his team had to take away his Twitter account? Because they were so damn afraid he would run his mouth too much and mess up the campaign.

Does that, in any way, demonstrate any sort of professionalism we want running this country?


It doesn’t.

So why doesn’t anyone say anything to him? Why don’t they just take away his account like they did before?

Because he’s the most powerful man in the world.

Anyone who dares oppose him now will come to the same fate as former U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates: fired for opposing his immigration ban. People are scared to lose their jobs, so they don’t say anything.

This means it’s time for us to do something about it. It’s our civil duty as Americans to stand up and challenge the government.

Start calling and emailing your senators and representatives. Demand them to do something about Trump’s excessive tweeting.

Cause if we don’t, we’re one 140 character tweet away from him saying something and pissing off a world leader and sending us right into a war.

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